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Call for Workshop Proposals

The 9th EAI International Conference on Big Data Technologies and Applications (BDTA-2018), Exeter, Great Britain, September 4-5, 2018, invites proposals for workshops affiliated with the conference.

Workshop session organizers are responsible for forming program committees, circulating call for papers, organizing submissions and reviews as well as planning the final programs. BDTA-2018 workshops chairs will assist the workshop session organizers in organizing workshops sessions and ensure their quality and success.

Topics for workshops may include but not limited to:

  • Data Visualization and Visual Analytics
  • Natural Language Processing in Big Texts
  • Biomedical imaging pre-processing and Analysis
  • Hardware and Software solutions for Big Data Searching, Storing and Management
  • Structured and Unstructured Data/Text/Web Mining
  • Deep Learning architecture, representations, unsupervised and supervised algorithms
  • Scalable computational intelligence tools
  • Novel Computational Intelligence approaches for data analysis
  • Evolutionary and Bio-inspired approaches for Big Data analysis
  • New domains and novel applications related to Big Data technologies

Please include the following information about the proposed workshop:

  1. A draft call for papers (as complete as possible), which should include:
    • Workshop Title
    • Description of topic(s)
    • Motivation and rationale for the workshop
    • Names and affiliations of main organizers
    • Tentative composition of the committees
  2. Expected number of submissions and participants
  3. Prior history of this workshop, if any (including # submissions, # accepted papers and # attendees)
  4. Soliciting Submissions: Indicate how you plan to attract submissions and/or participants. Tactics may include creating a workshop web page, circulating a call to relevant mailing lists (indicate these please as well), and publicizing your workshop at other relevant venues.


Submission: Please send a whole copy of your proposal in PDF format to: the BDTA-2018 workshop session chair Dr. Guodong Wang (guodong.wang@sdsmt.edu).


Submission Deadline:                                     March 15, 2018

Acceptance Notification:                                March 25, 2018

Call for papers online (by the organizers)       April 1, 2018

Workshops papers deadline                            May 14, 2018

Workshop paper notification                          June 4, 2018


BDTA-2018 Workshop Chair

Guodong Wang

EAI Institutional Members